Blunk’s Thoughts on the Election

I’ll be honest, the Presidential election is not my primary concern tomorrow. How the various marijuana legalization and medical marijuana legalization initiatives/amendments will fare is what I’m watching. Understand that tomorrow night we should have at least one state (Washington) legalize marijuana for recreational use by adults. Colorado may also legalize, as current polling shows Amendment 64 winning with 53% of the vote, but there is a high number of undecideds. You can help by joining the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Amendment 64 Phone Bank 

I will be looking closely at the vote totals that Gary Johnson receives in certain key states such as Colorado where his campaign is running robocalls pointing out President Obama’s crackdown on medical marijuana in states where it is legal. I think Pete over at DrugWarRant said it best: “If Johnson has a strong showing and even has an impact on a state, then both parties will have to pay attention…”

Here’s my prediction: Barack Obama is going to get a second term in the White House, but it’s going to be a close one. For one thing the Washington Redskins lost their last home game, but there were way more Obama mask sales this year.


What do you think?

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