Random Wednesday Links

  • Americans increasingly think the government is in our business too much. Maybe these same people would support cannabis legalization.
  • Nothing could possibly go wrong with this idea, right? I mean, I’ve never heard of a situation where killing robots that think caused any problems.
  • On the topic of drones, apparently nobody really knows the death toll from our unmanned drone strikes that Pres. Obama loves.
  • All of Texas’ bad roads are apparently costing us a lot of money. Now to convince our state to improve our infrastructure; good luck.
  • Glad I don’t live in California. Gov. Brown thinks it’s a good idea to have the police track you without a warrant.
  • This is troubling news for President Obama for sure. Despite numerous requests for increased security in Libya, the State Department did nothing.
  • So there’s this prison in Illinois once considered as the new Guantanamo Bay back when Pres. Obama pledged to close Gitmo. Well, the Administration is now buying that prison, and it has some in the GOP worried.

One thought on “Random Wednesday Links

  1. Yeah, one of Obama’s campaign promises was to shut down Guantanamo. One of my favorite campaign promises. We’re a nation willing to imprison “suspicious” (including innocent) people but not willing to have them on our own soil? Low stuff.

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