Random Saturday Links

Americans for Safe Access vs. DEA heading to Appeals Court – Oral arguments to be heard by the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on October 16. Expect me to post about it, as this case is kind of a big deal for medical marijuana on the federal level.

Activists want Yale St. Bridge shut down; say it’s dangerous – The Yale St. bridge in Houston serves a lot of traffic everyday, and it’s not designed to. The city doesn’t plan to rebuild it until 2016. Is public safety just not a priority when it comes to infrastructure in Houston?

U.S. Move to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid Meets Resistance – It always baffles me how much money we give to foreign countries when we can’t get Congress to approve additional spending for domestic projects. This resistance is only because we don’t trust the Muslim Brotherhood, not because Congress cares about putting more money into America.

Guy Proposes to Girl by Faking Plane Crash – The girl is pretty calm through the whole thing. Makes me question the whole trust part of the relationship since he had to convince her they may die to propose. Cute video though.

Arkansas Voters have chance to legalize Medical Marijuana – Arkansas Supreme Court just cleared Issue 5, a medical marijuana voter initiative for the upcoming election. As usual, opponents of the measure had no reason or science behind their argument, just baseless fear and speculation.

Innocent Defendants often take plea deals despite being not guilty – This is an alarming and frankly, sad trend in this country. Scott (of Grits for Breakfast) nails the problem on the head, as he always does a good job showing how often the criminal justice system hurts innocent people a lot.

Funniest bad death scene I’ve ever watched (added after post) – Ignoring all the bad cutting, the clear dubbing of his screams, and pretty much everything else wrong with this, I laughed through the entire thing.


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