Random Tuesday Links

  • Will the US Court of Appeals reschedule cannabis so it’s no longer Schedule I (no medicinal value), thereby allowing more research? We’ll know soon since the hearing is today. I’ve brought this case up before.
  • If he’s going to fake helping at a soup kitchen, I wonder if he’d fake going to war, like in Wag the Dog.
  • I’m really curious where all the water is going at these two Amarillo prisons. According to Grits for Breakfast this is a regular problem for prisons. I didn’t know.
  • Colorado’s largest union, a chapter of the United Food and Commercial Workers endorses Amendment 64 (cannabis legalization) because of all the jobs it would create.
  • A 6 year study in the making says that all drugs should be decriminalized in the UK, partially because of the $4.8 Billion wasted every year. Unsurprisingly, the Home Office, which runs drug policy in the UK, didn’t care.
  • Not surprisingly, the federal government is great at wasting money according to Sen. Coburn’s new report. My favorite is the video game to simulate going to prom.
  • I’m so glad we’re being protected from drugs by having flashbang grenades thrown into girl’s bedrooms. Sickening.

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